Custom Home Design

We recognize the design and construction of a custom home is one of the largest investments of time and money that one makes during a lifetime. That’s why the most important aspect of the custom home building process is that you have faith and trust in your builder. We manage the builder-owner relationship with utmost care and honesty. By promoting and maintaining a genuine customer service attitude toward our clients and among our craftsman, we consistently translate our customers' needs into their dream home in an individual, personalized and unique manner.

One misconception of a custom home is that it must be expensive, which is not the case. Any kind of home can be custom designed and built, from an economical cottage to a mansion full of expensive features. What they have in common is that the features are specified by the homeowner, rather than by the builder. We can use our years of insight and experience to custom design a unique plan that meets your specific needs, modify one our existing plans or help you find a stock plan.

Below is a brief overview of the construction phases of a custom home.

Construction Phases

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
  • Phase 5
  • Phase 6
  • Phase 7
  • Phase 8
  • Phase 9
  • Phase 10
  • Phase 11
  • Phase 12

Lot Clear Phase

Plan on meeting with us on the lot prior to clearing. You will want to discuss trees to be saved, excavation, slab height, etc.

Foundation Phase

  • Set forms
  • Fill with dirt
  • Compaction is tested and certified by a GEO technical engineering company
  • Plumbing rough-in
  • Inspection
  • Final grade dirt
  • Slab is prepped, steel is installed, soil is treated for termites and forms are completed
  • Inspection
  • Pour slab

There is not much client interaction at this stage. This can be one of slowest parts of the project since multiple contractors are needed and each step of the process is inspected. On the inspection days it may appear that nothing is happening because we must wait until the inspection clears before we can proceed to the next task.

Framing Phase

This is the most exciting stage of the process. The interior and exterior walls (1st and 2nd floors, if applicable) are built and set in place; trusses/roof framing is completed; and the roof sheeting is installed. Hurricane metal and ties are installed.

Mechanical Rough Phase

  • Plumbing top-out, piping and shower valves installed in the framing.
  • HVAC rough, ductwork is installed.
  • Electrical rough - We will coordinate with you to schedule a walk through at this point to go over the location of switches and outlets.
  • Low voltage phone, TV, stereo and security wiring is installed
  • Framing & mechanical inspections - This is a critical and time consuming part of the process. At the same time, we will be inspecting the home for accuracy to the plans and specifications and quality issues.
  • Roof installation.
  • Exterior Paint, masonry or stucco installation.

Drywall Phase

  • Insulation.
  • Insulation inspection.
  • Hang drywall.
  • Tape & float drywall.
  • Texture ceiling or walls per specifications.

Millwork Phase

  • Set Cabinets
  • Install doors & trim

Paint Phase

  • Interior paint – Walls and trim will be painted with the colors selected. We will provide a sample of the paint and stain you have selected on the job for your approval prior to painting.
  • Install septic system (if applicable).
  • Install driveways and walks. We will contact you when we layout the driveways and walks.

Tile Phase

  • Tub & shower surrounds
  • Tile floors
  • Countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Fireplace surrounds

Trim Phase

  • Install plumbing fixtures
  • Install electrical fixtures
  • Install HVAC condensers & grilles
  • Install mirrors & shower doors
  • Install landscaping

Carpet Phase

  • Install carpet
  • Install wood floors

Punch Out Phase

  • The term "punch out" describe the process of correcting all the deficient items in the home. Actually, punch out will occur on your home throughout the construction project. The reason we call this stage punch out is because everything is basically done at this point, but many of the items need to be touched up or completed to make the home move-in ready. This step can take a couple of weeks.
  • Final inspections

Closing Stage

  • Final walk-through, once the home is 99% complete, we schedule a final walk-through. The purpose of this walk through is to demonstrate all the systems of the home and identify any items that still need to be corrected.