Demolish & Build

Wittco Custom Builders can remove an existing structure to create a custom home of your choosing. We have witnessed an increase in the demolition of existing homes to make way for new ones. Ever decreasing land inventory and a compressing market makes this a more viable option everyday. Some advantages of demolish and build are:

  • New homes are much more energy efficient
  • New homes meet today’s more stringent building codes.
  • In some counties you can avoid paying impact fees and improvement costs that are required for a vacant lot.
  • In today’s market, the price compression of waterfront properties is making this a more attractive option.
  • On a cost-per-square foot basis demolish and build represents a better value when compared to remodeling.

We can evaluate your project to determine if it is worth remodeling or demolishing. Please call or email our offices today for additional information or a no obligation consultation.

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